Die cutting machine

  1. Full rotary and semi rotary (intermittent) Die cutting machine 2 modes on one machine can be selected for each function/advantages.
  2. By intermittent mode, die-cut size changing no need to change/spare magnetic cylinders, just simply input the cutting length in the computer.
  3. Shaftless full servos drive by full sets of German made Bosch Rexroth servos system for g. front and rear diamond finished web feed drums, unwind and rewind shafts, rotary die-cut station main power, and register etc.
  4. Register photocell able to do 2nd pass for printed reel by perfect registration.
  5. German made E + L EPC web guide, register camera & monitor, tension control, air shafts etc for best registration and trim tight rewind reel.

Die cutting machine


Indeed, even after you got yourself the wide range of, vivid making supplies, they are as yet pointless on the off chance that you don’t get Die cutting machine that can assemble it all and offer life to your fresh out of the plastic new thought.

Die cutting machine might be a glimpse of a larger problem in creating and a decent bite the dust cutting machine might be the missing key to your specialty making up until now.

Die cutting machine is a shrewd venture for a teacher, a gems creator and notwithstanding for a gathering organizer or the home crafter. Picking the best specialty cutting machine for your requirements is an essential stride for your leisure activity/calling.