Flexible package printing solution

From snack cookies on the shelf, frozen food, laundry detergent, clothing, electronic parts, etc.
Flexible package can be said to cover a wide range of products.
The seemingly simple small bags, the precision in printing colors, every link is a big project.
Flexible package are different in each production process.
Regardless of the traditional intaglio printing ink and swatch overprinting technology, or digital printing without the need for plate making and full color printing,
It is necessary to accurately calculate each link so that the finished product can print details of different degrees of detail during the printing process.
To meet the needs of diverse markets, reduce inventory and reduce waste, it is the perfect side.
Labelmen’s PW-260/460 high-speed full-rotary multi-function printing machine specially developed for flexible package
With quick job set-up, high resolution, low cost, and maximized applications
Can meet the most demanding requirement of customers,
If you have any problems or requirement in the printing of flexible package , welcome to contact us.

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