Offset printing machine is an ordinarily utilized printing system in which the inked picture is exchanged (or “counterbalanced”) from a plate to an elastic cover, at that point to the printing surface. At the point when utilized as a part of blend with the lithographic procedure, which depends on the repugnance of oil and water, the balance strategy utilizes a level (planographic) picture transporter on which the picture to be printed acquires ink from ink rollers, while the non-printing region draws in a water-based film (called “Wellspring arrangement”), keeping the non-printing zones without ink. The advanced “web” prepare sustains an expensive reel of paper through an extensive press machine in a few sections, commonly for a few meters, which at that point prints ceaselessly as the paper is encouraged through.

Offset printing machine
Offset printing machine

a. One touch:

One touch pre-registration, thousand jobs storage / management, internet remote diagnosis HMI touch screen by German made Bosch Rexroth.


b. Two modes:

Full rotary or semi-rotary (intermittent) two modes can be selected for various job needs.

c. Three sections:

Semi-rotary (intermittent) mode by three sections in-line:

Sec1. unwinder, corona, web cleaner, cold stamping, laminating, back / adhesive side printing by continuous full rotary web feed.
Sec2. UV offset, UV flexo, rotary die-cut stations by semi-rotary web feed.
Sec3. cold stamping, laminating, back / adhesive side printing, rotary die-cutting, waste rewinding, web rewinding, slitting, sheeting by continuous full rotary web feed.


Ps. Due to semi-rotary (intermittent) mode / section web feed is forward then backward then forward movement, not only web tension changes, UV triple times curing possibly overheat, to do cold stamping, laminating, back / adhesive side printing, waste rewinding, web rewinding, slitting, sheeting etc by in-lined full rotary section is definitely much better / more practical than to do by semi-rotary (intermittent) section.

d. Four servos:

Shaftless full servo drive printing stations (4 servos / computers per station for cylinders, damping driving and longitude, lateral registration) and web feed / tension control diamond finished servo feed drums by German made Bosch Rexroth.

e. Five cylinders:

AniPrint inking system by much shorter inking route and same diameter Ink fountain (Anilox), Form, Plate, Blanket, Impression 5 cylinders in one offset printing ensures ghost free printing, much quicker job set up time and much less waste especially compare to conventional offset.

C M Y K / R G B

Labelmen’s digitalized offset press innovated AniPrint anilox inking system and Pantone G7 color management, presented easy operation and waste reduction features:


Ink layer thickness:

Double ink layer thickness (3~4u) than conventional UV offset printing (2u); four times thicker ink layer than conventional sheetfed offset printing (1u); change to lower meshes Anilox ink fountain cylinder is around equal ink layer thickness as flexo printing (4~5u).

f. 6 kw:

6 kw cool UV with thermal insulation device reduce lot of heat, plus advanced web tension control system create possibility to print shrink film by semi rotary mode.

g. G7:

Color management is according to Pantone G7 method.

h. Single & re-passes:

Single pass complete all jobs in-lined possibility.

2nd pass also available for if needed as standard unit.

i. Double thickness:

Ani-print UV offset ink system is double ink layer thickness than regular’s.

Can do opaque white coating without add UV flexo station.

j. Triple uses:

Wet UV offset, Waterless UV offset, UV letterpress printing triple uses possibility.

l. Multiple functions:

German made E+L EPC web guider, corona, German made Technotran auto dampening circulator, auto ink wash, 2nd pass printing scanner, German made E+L register camera & monitor, edges trim slitter etc as standard;

UV offset, UV flexo, back / adhesive side printing, cold stamping, laminating, rotary die-cutting, USA Martin Automation butt splicer & STR turret rewinder & non-stop waste rewinder for full-automatic web reel change as none-stop printing etc can be the combined configuration;

Web cleaner with static eliminator, Monitor PS plate puncher & bender, flat-bed hot stamping, embossing, die-cutting etc can be the options.



Offset printing machine



Offset printing machine


i. 50 years:

50 years experiences dedicate in world label printing field.


Labelmen RS-350PS V.S.Digital V.S Conventional offset comparisons

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Min. job set up timeThicker printed ink layerEasier machine maintenanceLower ink costLower printing substrate costGhost printing freeMin.job set up wastage02468JS chart by amCharts
Labelmen RS-350PSDigitalConventional offset