Stop cylinder type full servos driving machine

a. Stop Cylinder type silk screen printing as stencil moving for full rotary web feeding, by shaftless full servos drive and CNC computerized control for stable quality and easy operation, speed is 3 times faster than regular flat-bed silk screen machine (30 M / min. vs. 10 M / min.).


b. Pneumatic printing head, vacuum printing table, along web style squeegees and longitude, lateral, skew stencil position adjustment ensures printing smoothly.


c. Register photocell able to do 2nd pass for printed reel by perfect registration.


d. UV, Heat blades, Tunnel heat dryers 3 options for various kind substrates drying requirements.



Stop cylinder type full servos driving machine


Screen Frame Size              網框尺寸 800 x 500 (mm)
 Max. Web Width                 最大紙寬 360  (mm)
Max. Print Area                  最大印刷面積 350 x 380 (mm)
Max. Printing Speed          最大印刷速度 30 (M/min)
Max. Roll Diameter            最大進紙直徑 800 (mm)
UV Dryer                              UV乾燥機 6 (KW) x 1
Hot Jet Air Dryer                 熱風乾燥系統 20 (KW) x 1 (選購配件 / Option Items)
Corona Treater                   電暈機 3 (KW) (選購配件 / Option Items)
Power Consumption         機器總功率 16 (KW)


Stop cylinder type full servos driving machine

Machine basic configuration example:


Machine basic configuration example:


Example for 1 stop cylinder type printing station with UV dryers, slitting station and 2 rewind stations.

Optional units:

  1. DW-360I: High speed Single station flat-bed die-cutting (hot stamping, embossing) machine
  2. DW-360II: High speed Dual stations flat-bed die-cutting (hot stamping, embossing) machine
  3. DW-320 IML: Special flat-bed die-cutting / through-cut / hot stamping (embossing) machine
  4. IDW-360: High speed Full rotary / Intermittent (Semi rotary) die-cutting machine
  5. IDW-360F: High speed Full rotary UV Flexo & Intermittent (Semi rotary) die-cutting machine
  6. RDW-360: Special rotary die-cutting & through-cut machine
  7. RSW-360: Inspection slitter
  8. RCW-360: Rotary sheeter
  9. RFW-360: High speed Full rotary flexo (primer coating) machine
  10. PWS 310 / 450 / 550 CNC: Silk Screen printing machine
  11. SL-310 / 460 C: Slitter Rewinder
  12. AC-450: Sheeter

Demo Samples

Stop cylinder type full servos driving machine

Applicable Materials:

Art paper, Mirror coat paper, Foil paper, PET, PVC, PP, BOPP, PE, Electrostatic paper, Hologram (Laser) film, Phosphoresent film, Flockings paper, Binding cloth, Textile, Garment, Satin, Cardboard, Kraft, Crepe paper, Polar film, Diffuse film, Silver reflect film, Laminate copper foil, Aluminum foil, Photoelectric film, Conductor film, Soft PC plate, LCD conductor glue, High Tec. Laminate material, Shockproof glue, EMI insulator, Sponge rubber, Conductor Sponge rubber, Mylar, Glue side printing labels, Security labels…etc !!

Demo Videos

Stop cylinder type full servos driving machine