FDW-360HR系列 : 超高速輪轉式平壓燙金及間歇式模切機


The real TOP speed flat-bed machine in the world
  1. 100 meters / min. (500 strokes / min.) speed flat-bed hot stamping (embossing) and rotary die-cutting (full & semi rotary), world top speed.
  2. Across / Along web styles foil feed by differential shafts with foil savers & cooling system,benefit for job shifting, various kind of stamping patterns to save foil.
  3. User friendly pneumatic Retractable Unwinder and Rewinder stations.
  4. Snow-ball type Waste rewinder, less waste shifting.
  5. Labelmen patent Die-cutting die possibly to be inserted into the station instead of mounting on heavily uneven upper chase, not only for operator’s convenience, but also ease the jobs for various die-cut evenness packing.
  6. Shaftless independent servo drive die-cut / hot stamping / embossing station with extreme evenness flat bed, ensure standardized depth control.
  7. 2nd pass scanner for auto register ensures die-cut / hot stamping / embossing precision
    and HMI touch screen.
  8. User friendly longitude, lateral & skew, stroke range etc adjustments ensures die-cut / hot stamping / embossing / laminating etc operations easily.
  9. German made E + L EPC web guider and Register camera + monitor etc available.

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The real TOP speed flat-bed machine in the world

[inbound_forms id=”form_5458″ name=””]*The units may variant due to various machine configurations and defined by the drawing.


The real TOP speed flat-bed machine in the world

Machine basic configuration example:



The real TOP speed flat-bed machine in the world

Applicable Materials:

Art paper, Mirror coat paper, Foil paper, PET, PVC, PP, BOPP, PE, Electrostatic paper, Hologram (Laser) film, Phosphoresent film, Flockings paper, Binding cloth, Textile, Garment, Satin, Cardboard, Kraft, Crepe paper, Polar film, Diffuse film, Silver reflect film, Laminate copper foil, Aluminum foil, Photoelectric film, Conductor film, Soft PC plate, LCD conductor glue, High Tec. Laminate material, Shockproof glue, EMI insulator, Sponge rubber, Conductor Sponge rubber, Mylar, Glue side printing labels, Security labels…etc !!

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The real TOP speed flat-bed machine in the world




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